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    Potential application of these compounds in feral cat control is discussed. A. indica A. Juss is commonly known as neem tree or Indian lilac and belongs to the mahogany family Meliaceae. Anti-inflammatory drugs can interfere in the pathophysiological process of inflammation, to minimize tissue damage and provide greater comfort to the patient. The bulb, leaves and roots of C. macowanii are reported to possess diverse medicinal properties and used to treat or manage various human, Sudan folklore medicine is characterized by a unique combination of Islamic, Arabic, and African cultures. The Aim of research to determine the potential of anting-anting (Acalypha indica L.) leaf extract as anti-scabies to Sarcoptes scabiei var. (2003) carried out a non-comparative study to evaluate the safety and efficiency of Acalypha wilkesiana ointment using 32 Nigerians with mycological as well as clinical evidence of mycoses. Chandra Mohan S, et al. However, no possible mechanism was suggested for the wound healing properties of S. grandiflora. Acalypha indica L. Kuppaimeni, Euphorbiaceae (ERIH 445): Leaf of this plant is ground into a paste and taken orally along with the leaf paste of Mimosa pudica, Azadirachta indica and flowers of Albizzia lebbeck to treat skin diseases (itching) and wounds. At 500 µg/mL, CA-A and the combination CA-A+SG-A successfully induced RAW264.7 cells to produce NO at 17.85 µM and 40.84 µM, respectively. Isolation and identification of bacterial isolates by using standared biochemical tests. The method in this study was pre-experimental with a post test only group design. Several Acalypha species are used as medicinal plants in Africa and in the Mascarene Islands. 45.5±2.33, 32.8±1.62 respectively. This review updates related information regarding the potential therapeutic treatments and also discusses the toxicity issue of Acalypha indica. <> for total phenolic content, Gallic acid was taken as a standard and the ethyl acetate fraction contains rich phenolic content than other fractions and the Ethyl Acetate fraction showed more DPPH radical scavenging activity. The aim of this review is to summarize the current studies on ethnomedicinal practices, phytochemistry, pharmacological studies and a potential study of Acalypha indica in different locations around the world. The chemical composition of C. macowanii is dominated by various isoquinoline alkaloids, which have been isolated from the bulbs, flowering stalks, leaves and roots. For the traditional practices, the authors also mentioned several benefits of consuming the raw plant and decoction. In this study, we investigated their pharmacological activities relevant to wound healing and synergistic actions to provide an insight into a promising vegetable combination as a candidate treatment for wounds. Stay safe and healthy. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. A total of 32 ethnomedicinal uses of C. macowanii are documented in literature, which can be grouped into seven major ethnomedicinal general purpose usages, namely "fever", "wounds, sores and skin rashes", "boils and inflammation", "respiratory system problems", "blood cleansing", "urinary tract problem" and "veterinary uses". Key words: Acalypha indica, Anti-epileptic, Anti-anxiolytic, GABA, Electronic search engines such as Google, Google scholar, publishing sites such as Elsevier, scienceDirect, BMC, PubMed and other scientific database sites such as ChemSpider, PubChem were used as well as searching the library collections of the National Herbarium and Botanic Gardens (SRGH), Harare, Zimbabwe and the University of Fort Hare, South Africa. Pengobatan menggunakan antibiotika menimbulkan resistensi jika dilakukan tidak tuntas terutama ketika sistem tubuh menurun. seizures to any significant extent at a dose of 400 mg/kg protected 33.33% The smallest concentration of anting-anting (Acalypha indica L.) leaf extract was not significantly different compared to amitraz for killing of 50% and 90% S. Scabiei was 12.5% with lethal time (LT50) 1.82 hours and (LT90) 3.69 hours. Kedua ekstrak daun tersebut positif mengandung tanin yang diduga berperan dalam penghambatan pertumbuhan S. typhi . Until the last decade, it came to be a starting point for the lead discovery. Res.Cambr. The curation using chemical drugs may cause bacterial resistance if the treatment is not complete, especially when the system of the body decreases. of convulsions at 30 and 60 minutes and afforded significant protection [45] evaluated the antibacterial inhibition against fungal pathogens when compared to potentiality of ethanol and ethyl acetate solvent extracts Acalypha indica. Identification of specific tests is facilitated by the enclosed CD-ROM which allows for a quick and full text research. As well as being exploited for medicinal use, the roots of this plant are known to elicit a drug-like effect in cats. The .gov means it’s official. Although this plant is a weed, Acalypha indica has been acknowledged by local people as a useful source of medicine for several therapeutic treatments. Recent research into feral cat control on Christmas Island has investigated whether a preparation of the roots of A. indica might be effective in traps to attract feral cats. used Sudanese medicinal plants. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. In India and Indonesia the plant is cultivated for its edible shoots and leaves, which are cooked as a vegetable. The combinations AI-M+CA-M, AI-M+SG-M, and CA-M+SG-M showed similar antifungal activities (MIC = 100 mg/mL). Bacillus megaterium, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Priteus mirabilis, Klebsiella pneumonia, Salmonella typhimurium, Enterobacter aerogenes, Escherichia coli, Enterobacter cloacae. An appendix with guidelines and legal regulations for animal experiments in various countries will help to plan these experiments properly in accordance with the welfare of laboratory animals. E. goetzei has been widely used as a source of herbal medicine for several years without any adverse effects. Some of the alkaloids isolated from C. macowanii have demonstrated various biological activities when investigated in in vitro assays. Nitro PDF Professional (6, 1, 4, 1) 2013-03-11T06:22:56Z The research shows that leaf tea and anting-anting extraction have potential to be developed as an antibiotic. em> Abstrak - Salmonella typhi adalah bakteri penyebab terjadinya penyakit typhus. Antiepileptic and anxiolytic activity in rodent models. This reference book contains a comprehensive selection of the most frequently used assays for reliably detecting pharmacological effects of potential drugs, including tests for cardiovascular, analgesic, psychotropic, metabolic, endocrine, respiratory, renal, and immunomodulatory activities. Furthermore, screening and identification of AI-A, CA-A, and CA-M via UHPLC (LC-MS/MS) system revealed that the major components responsible for all the tested bioactivities were phenolic groups such as simple polyphenols, flavonoids, polysaccharides, and triterpenes (asiaticoside and madecassosides). However, our patients also demonstrated methemoglobinemia, with some constituents in this plant (quinine, 2-methyl anthraquinone and tectoquinone) implicated as the cause in previous studies. Materials and methods: Quebrachitol (QCT) is one of naturally occurring optically active cyclitols that has now received considerable attention. It has numerous medicinal uses in India and is listed in the Pharmacopoeia of India as an expectorant to treat asthma and pneumonia. Scientific validation of its diverse uses in traditional medicine has been demonstrated through antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anthelmintic, antioxidant and cytotoxicity assays of crude extracts as well as isolated compounds from the species. It has been reported to be useful in treating pneumonia, asthma, rheumatism and the decoction of Acalypha sanderi; Phonetic Spelling ack-ah-LY-phah HIS-pid-ah Description. © 2017 Pharmacognosy Reviews | Published by Wolters Kluwer - Medknow. Aims: Acalypha indica (AI), Centella asiatica (CA), and Sesbania grandiflora (SG) are vegetables commonly used in traditional medicine in Asian countries to treat skin problems. Several pharmacological properties exhibited certain potentials based on the obtained results that came from different related studies. Methods Acalypha indica is herb found in tropical countries. All rights reserved. Anting-anting leaves (Acalypha indica L) is one of the wild plants (weeds) that are often used by the community to treat helminthic diseases such as ascariasis, containing several potentially anthelmintic compounds, namely saponins, tannins and flavonoids. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of giving Anting-anting leaf extract (Acalypha indica L) as an anthelmintic to the time of death of pork roundworms (Ascaris suum Goeze). Data were analyzed using the Kolmogrov-Smirnov test, then the Kruskal-Wallis test was then continued using a Post-Hoc test to determine the difference in anthelmintic power of ear leaf extract of each concentration with positive control over the time of worm death. In antibacterial study all extract showed good inhibition zone against only three organisms i.e. The results showed that the fastest mortality rate of S. Scabiei was group p3 at 4.6 mites/hour., then P0, P2, P1 and PN respectively 3.5, 3.1, 1.9, and 1.3 mites/ hour. Medicinal plants contribute in human health care system. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa e kstrak daun teh dan anting-anting berpotensi untuk dikembangkan sebagai antibiotik. Although the traditional medicine is accepted in Sudan, to date there is no updated review available, which focuses on most effective and frequently. Since this would be a novel approach, decision-makers and organisations who trial this power balancing approach to facilitate collaboration should evaluate resultant policies and interventions to ascertain their feasibility and efficacy in fostering collaboration, and the lessons learnt should be shared. Pre-treatment of NHDF cells with CA-M at 100 µg/mL offered the highest protection against hydrogen peroxide. Publication Author Bown. In light of its long traditional use and the modern phytochemical and pharmacological evaluations summarized in this study, E. goetzei has been demonstrated to show a strong potential for therapeutic and health-maintaining uses. Medicinal Indian nettle contains a number of medically active ingredients including an essential oil, resin, tannins and an alkaloid However, the volatile nature of the attractants made it unviable for use in traps for more than a few days. Dosage: Once a day for 3 days. These herbs have been used in traditional practices for different therapeutic purposes such as wound healing (Marwah et al., 2007;Ganeshkumar et al., 2012;Azis et al., 2017), antimicrobial, antioxidant (Taemchuay et al., 2009;Sivaraj et al., 2014;Byakodi et al., 2018), and anticancer (Park et al., 2005;Sreelatha et al., 2011;Sivaraj et al., 2014) activities. Compound identification of AI-M, SG-M, and SG-A were performed using a UHPLC-QTrap-MS/MS system, which detected phenolic compounds from various groups (cinnamic acids, benzoic acids, and flavonoids). Almost every part of the plant including the leaves, stem and roots are used as traditional remedies to treat and manage a panoply of ailments. Salient Features: Provides traditional methods of propagation and discusses the propagation of medicinal plants Promotes the flow of urine. Crinum macowanii is a deciduous bulbous plant which grows in east, central and southern Africa. Moreover, several bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, steroids, terpenes, tannins, fatty acids, and essential oils have been identified as active constituents. A review of Acalypha indica L. (Euphorbiaceae) as traditional medicinal plant and its therapeutic potential. These findings help in the selection of herbs combination for potential natural drug discovery. Acalypha fimbriata Baill. 2016;8. Methodology and results: The stimulatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities of aqueous (A) and methanol (M) extracts of all the three vegetables were assessed alone and in combination in normal human dermal fibroblast (NHDF) cells in vitro. P Acalypha indica (Euphorbiaceae) Chemical Part All parts ... Low PM High StdDev Reference 1-INOSITOLMONOMETHYLETHER ... ICMR.1987.Medicinal Plants of India.Vol.2.Indian Council of Med. For the traditional practices, the authors also mentioned several benefits of consuming the raw plant and decoction. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine burn wound healing activity of Acalypha indica L. in oinment formulated. improving drug delivery system for better control and efficiency, Tithonia diversifolia is a shrub-like perennial or annual invasive plant, native to north and Central America. In- vivo anti-anxiety activity MEAI A laxative. 2013-03-11T06:22:52Z In vitro HRBC membrane stabilization properties of these extracts at concentrations ranging from 2-400 μg/ml revealed inhibition of haemolysis induced by Russell's viper venom, in a concentration dependent manner. scores order for all molecules reflected the experimental GABA agonists. The data was collected from online journals, magazines, and books, all of which were published in English, Malay and Indonesian. Objectives: Herbal treatment is a natural form of healing or alternative Pengobatan dengan menerapkan kearifan lokal merupakan salah satu alternatif dalam upaya penyembuhan. Juice of the leaves …

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