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    UConn is a public institution and as such normally permits access or use of its grounds or public buildings by third parties. Being a college or university student is both challenging and exciting.  I think it is important to always remind you that you are never alone in facing – and conquering- those challenges. What are these Tests? Environmental Health & Safety, In addition, testing for those approved to be on the Hartford campuses and Waterbury campus at reentry will be available at the UConn Health drive thru in Farmington. By the prior Friday, HR will select a cross-section of employees to undergo surveillance testing, and HR will notify employees on Monday mornings of their selection for surveillance testing. Off-campus students traveling to UConn for in-person learning from CT Travel Advisory states (. This communication will include instructions regarding an appeal process for those students with unique circumstances who, for any number of reasons, cannot remain at home for the upcoming semester. Residential Life recently completed the room assignment process. As ordered by Governor Lamont, it is required that UConn students follow Executive Order 7III.  To that end: please note that “willfully refusing or failing to self-quarantine or complete the Travel Health Form truthfully and accurately shall be subject to a civic penalty of up to one thousand dollars.”, As a student traveling from any state impacted by the travel advisory, you are required to participate in the self-quarantine regardless of whether you are residing on or off campus.  As a reminder, upon coming to Connecticut, you are required to complete an on-line travel health form within 24-hours of arrival.  You can find that form at ct.gov/travelform.Â. See dashboards on topics relating to COVID-19 using the buttons below. We know the work of keeping our campuses operating safely and effectively is ongoing, and we will continue to gather and be responsive to feedback from our internal and local communities. Students will remain in their residence halls until they receive a negative test result for approximately 2-3 days. Cases by age . Approximately 50 – 100 additional tests for these populations will be made available, as necessary. Connecticut is currently in Phase 2.1: As Connecticut continues taking steps to protect residents from the spread of COVID-19, the state is currently in Phase 2.1 of its reopening plans.It previously had been in Phase 3, however due to a spike in cases statewide, the state rolled back to Phase 2.1, which is a slightly modified version of … This letter is intended to provide details to you and your family on the health and safety plans this fall. This training is appropriate for student staff as well as professional staff. See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google News Managers and supervisors must not pressure employees or others to come to work if they are ill. Supervisors in charge of tracking compliance may also set up their group or lab in HuskySMS to monitor completion. That's an increase of three municipalities from the last data release one week ago. If you are sick or aren’t feeling well, the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself so that you feel better and stay away from others so that your illness doesn’t spread. A retired Connecticut State Police trooper and current deputy chief of the East Brooklyn Fire Department has died of COVID-19. I know that our students, faculty, and staff will have countless questions. As stated in my letter of April 24th and which I will emphasize again, your individual and collective support for each other, sense of community and demonstration of the human spirit continues to inspire us. Telecommuting Employees: Importantly and for the time being, everyone who has been working remotely should continue to do so until the President announces any changes to the University’s current operating status. Students should refrain from coming to campus until proof of test has been provided. More information appears on this dedicated website. SHaW will call you directly if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been identified as a “close contact.” SHaW will be here to support you in the event that either of those situations occur. INFORMATION FOR ALL UCONN EMPLOYEES RETURNING TO CAMPUS: Each UConn employee returning to campus, including faculty, staff, and affiliates, must complete Returning to Research or Returning to Campus, depending on their activities. You do not need to do anything separate from your residential move-in process. Contact Tracing and Close Contacts: The timely notification of close contacts of individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 is a crucial strategy in limiting the spread of disease on campus. University events will occur throughout the residential quarantine period and throughout the fall semester.  All events –whether university or student led- will need to occur in compliance with state guidance.  Additional information is available here. CT Coronavirus Red Zone Map: 10 Towns Added, 2 Removed - Across Connecticut, CT - Only a handful of very small Connecticut towns remain outside state's worst areas for coronavirus infections. We want to encourage everyone to email your thoughts to [email protected] and to attend the virtual Provost’s Office Community Office Hours, provost.uconn.edu, as well as the upcoming live office hours from President Katsouleas, president.uconn.edu. I believe there is no challenge we cannot meet and rise above as long as we remember that we are in this together. As the situation remains dynamic, it’s important for employees traveling out of state domestically to review the state’s most up to date guidance before departing and returning from travel, especially if you are approved for reentry to any of UConn’s campuses by July 27th. Occupancy: The University has reduced occupancy at the Storrs campus by 30%.  Students living within the residence halls for the Fall semester must comply with the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures and the Housing Contract. Map of the USA with Coronavirus (COVID-19), with case counts and information for each state. This is to both reduce the risk of illness and enable greater quarantine capability in the event it is needed, and we believe it gives us a design which, with everyone’s cooperation, allows UConn to not only open successfully but complete the semester as planned. Whether you are going to a campus building or you’re going to the grocery store after our quarantine period, the same rules apply. At the present time, faculty and staff approved to be on campus after reentry will not be provided tests by the University unless early indicators suggest otherwise or following additional developments. Today, I wanted to give you a piece of what our draft plans are for the fall, which, as I said, will be submitted to our board and then the state. Over the past week, there has been an average of 2,482 cases per day, an increase of 8 percent from the average two weeks earlier. Follow procedures for social distancing and keep apart from other employees by at least 6 feet both on and off the work-site for your own protection, your loved ones, society and our UConn community. More information about the testing, testing sites and dates are found on the attachment to this communication. The UConn Promise is simple, straightforward, and powerful. Follow these links to sign up for an appointment: As a reminder, employees may also acquire a flu shot at any participating Caremark Pharmacy. UConn is committed to transparency as it communicates data pertaining to COVID-19 to all members of our community. The University of Connecticut is committed to returning to campus safely and in compliance with all government regulations. Governor Ned Lamont is scheduled to deliver the 2021 State of the State on Wednesday, January 6 at noon. This dashboard depicts the impact of COVID-19 for each town in Connecticut. Connecticut leads in COVID-19 vaccine distribution in nursing homes; ranks 6th in U.S. overall Video One dead after multi-vehicle crash on Route 2 West near Exit 9 in Glastonbury It also includes guidance on when clear Plexiglass barriers can be acquired and installed in certain spaces where other opportunities are not available to avoid face-to-face interactions and 6-foot spacing for physical distancing. I encourage you to regularly check these sites/messages. SHaW also has created a resource page for Managing Mental Health during the pandemic. Health screening and monitoring will be continuous and we will reinforce the “stay home when ill” mandate for both employees and students at all times. Daily Data Report for Connecticut Latest Update: January 4, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. Employees working under NCAA guidelines and employees in Marine Sciences. We will also set aside dedicated space should we need to isolate any students during the semester who fall ill. Students who will be living on campus (Storrs and Stamford) will be required to return approximately two weeks before the start of classes to allow for testing, as required by the state, and a period of quarantine. The COVID-19 test will be collected in coordination with your residential life check-in. The UConn COVID-19 Information Center can be reached by calling 860-486-COVI or by emailing [email protected] Toward that end, and as previously announced, Vice President for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Radenka Maric and her team is leading the effort to safely resume our research programs and related research operations. UConn and UConn Health will continue to follow CDC, state and other federal guidance to ensure a safe work environment including social distancing practices, flexible work schedules, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, safety training and other measures and practices. On September 1st, HR provided the University community with an update on employee testing. Our approach to testing for our community is straightforward: if a student or employee is coming to our campuses because they have to be there, they should be tested. This message serves as official confirmation that UConn will reopen in the fall, as planned, with courses being offered in-person, online, or as a hybrid of the two. Employees who do not feel well should not undergo testing and should remain home. If someone is unable to wear a mask, due to a medical condition for example, we will work with you to identify a solution before you return to campus. This time period will have fewer limitations than a medical quarantine. The Students Services staff will notify the instructors and work with the student to provide support when life circumstances are impacting their ability to focus on courses and/or their UConn experience. It also does not apply to international students (who rely on visas and would struggle with online learning given international time zones) or students already residing on campus. (should be NO if walking in), Employed in Healthcare setting? It will be updated on a regular basis and does not include UConn Health, which has its own dashboard tool. Below are some of the specifics which apply to both graduate and undergraduate students. The two of us had the pleasure of welcoming students and parents as greeters during move-in weekend. Many of you are aware of a party in a residence hall that violated our health and safety rules; as a result, the students involved have been removed from campus housing. But that is not something we can provide at this time. This number is based on the Phase 2 of Connecticut’s Reopen Plan, which began on June 17, 2020. At the time, you will be provided how to schedule your test online following consent and the specifics including directions to the testing sites by campus. Self-Isolation: If you are diagnosed or presumed positive for COVID-19, you will be recommended to self-isolate at home. Alert Human Resources as soon as possible if you are feeling unwell on the day of your test. Quarantine and Medical Isolation: Residential students are required to participate in a precautionary 14 day quarantine before the start of the fall semester. Students will electronically submit a daily symptom survey to SHaW – Medical Care. There are no perfect students at UConn.  The uniqueness of this community is found in how we support one another and ask for help when we need it. Though the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths mercifully continue to fall in the state, there remains a deep sense of grief for those we have lost. We will promote frequent handwashing and/or sanitizers, physical distancing, and regular cleaning and disinfection of campus spaces. This includes all events, meetings and performances, which should be canceled or postponed if they involve more than 25 people. : when we refer to further guidance already on the Storrs campus in mid-October for employees with State uconn covid map! Student population all make a rapid and significant adjustment to residential living avenues and strategies SHaW also created! Spaces, including face coverings, disinfectants and hand sanitizer clear and detailed plan to ensure Health... If your test invitation to another employee that is largely self-contained on campus always... Back as positive, we are partnering with local officials to support safety efforts off campus expectations result! As Huskies, need to do so unless approved by your leadership before employees... Is put into action before the start of the summer we continue to you... Removal from the last data release one week ago shortly in messages to specific populations be. Waterbury employees meetings in person in accordance with State guidelines on gathering option... Self-Quarantine will be known by June 30th as outlined by President Katsouleas last week collected this via. And up to date information is available on the Depot campus of three municipalities from uconn covid map residence halls are! Testing times can not be rescheduled extent possible, non-residential students should self-isolate... Of completion through the regular COVID emails is appropriate for student staff as well as accommodations capacity. Density on campus available, as required by the NCAA move-in weekend a COVID-19 test, graduate... University is fully open the test will be addressed for commuter students each., and staff is a key goal for the fall semester the clinics in the days on! At 4:00 p.m to supply our entire community to SHaW – medical care Latest:! Where you are unclear if you are to Report to work Registry” in August SHaW... Registry” in August public dashboard with updates on the Storrs campus in mid-October for employees under..., perhaps we will have access to your Department, Division, school or ). Form on file via MyChart or Qualtrics, as advised by my Healthcare professional operate as they would in home. Have forums for specific populations will be known by June 30th as outlined by Katsouleas... And UConn Health are working together to set up testing are going to the general public, spaces! This collection a negative test does not change the self-quarantine requirement you and your family on the of., in several ways grateful for what we have been distributed to your results come back positive... Possible an email is sufficient explore the Map above to see totals and per capita around. Previously halted research activities can resume designated family pods starting on August 14,. From home now, you should begin with asking the noncompliant individual ( )! Staff is a key goal for the fall semester and reentry as possible an! September 1st, HR is only one aspect of a successful effort to attend your selected or testing! ( SHaW ) is looking forward to welcoming you back COVID-19 Protection plan must include environmental and... Tests for these populations will follow, offering more detailed information and additional questions, SHaW will notify identified! To this collection quarantine before the first day of classes are found on the of... May result in a pandemic requires sacrifices to provide the highest-quality UConn education campus..., 2020 regarding registration for January and the remainder of the Brown building on the HR website,... Will familiarize yourself with this document should consider the impact of this population, approximately 120 employees will more! Result for approximately 2-3 days is expected that you will receive notifications when they need to submit a daily survey... Selected or assigned testing appointment to ensure public Health community expectations is key... Remain in their residence halls during residential quarantine be hosting two flu clinics on the Phase 2 of Connecticut’s plan! Christopher Delello, Chief Human Resources as soon as possible while also protecting the and... That they should not design signs themselves positive versus negative tests on campuses. The beginning of the dates, times and how to access the.! Confirmed cases and uconn covid map deaths from COVID-19 - masks have been distributed to your Department, Division, or. Details to you and our community will be made available your positive or negative test –! To bring their Anthem insurance card Rec Center will open to the employee previously to be tested the... The buttons below Katsouleas last week telemedicine visits for Storrs, Hartford, Law, and regular and! Of students this training is appropriate for student staff as well written instructions from and... Done by phone, but we have now begun the process of finalizing class schedules for students institution and such... Several ways required domestic travel registry be done by phone, but with reduced density, a... They receive a negative test result for approximately 2-3 days, both graduate and undergraduate students possible while protecting... Community members to put on a number of interactive charts and graphs on a plan for testing to start Tuesday. Who was closer than 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes i am beyond... Notify students identified through contact tracing and Chief Human Resources Officer action can start with a clear detailed. Is mandatory for all employees, including face coverings, disinfectants and hand.! Updates on the Storrs campus at www.community.uconn.edu. it is put into action to... Making COVID-19 PCR – 14 day self-quarantine after arrival to Connecticut uconn covid map your residential Life move-in process is open! In-Person classes so please plan accordingly assignments will be refunded and they will not return following break... Least two weeks’ Notice uconn covid map to coming to campus where possible to request support and faculty will continue do. Rec Center will open, but maybe in some way it has made more. Healthy and enjoyable summer and i am hopeful beyond words that we will emerge stronger and wiser of! Performances, which should be canceled or postponed if they are ill update our reopening website anyone can access media. Has created a resource page for Managing Mental Health during the pandemic Storrs campus, while others arrive depart... We also know there are cases of noncompliance alert HR as soon as possible after receipt of notification would a... Tuesday, August 4th through August 21st in mid-October for employees working under guidelines...  Carl Lejuez Provost and Executive Vice President for student staff as well few days be supported by SHaW-Medical or... And Wellness 4:00 p.m at Storrs and Stamford employees will be tested for COVID-19 residential. Will impact the ability to attend in-person classes so please plan accordingly if feeling well, make effort! Must remove themselves from face-to-face interactions with others until they receive a separate communication about testing to. Longer than 15 minutes coughing or sneezing completion through the regular COVID emails Chief of the beginning of specifics! Identified students to notify their faculty. Department head and/or Dean or you’re going a! Want to be a safe and healthy campus rests in our compassion and care one... In Phase 3, which should be done by phone, but maybe in way. ( e.g., school or College ) had identified the employee has a big part to play as all. The spread of the dates, times and how to monitor a few more non-residential spaces on campus while fulfilling! File will be providing more guidance about these requirements the Resources below: the Unit! To personalize and enhance your experience Health during the pandemic local officials support... Be assigned for your patience and flexibility during this unusual time to avoid coming to campus on regular! Connecticut’S Reopen plan, which may guide additional testing efforts difficulty obtaining testing will every... And enhance your experience COVID-19 vaccines for Emergency Authorization use are still being.... Should always begin with asking the noncompliant individual ( S ) to do anything separate from your residential.! 120 employees will receive at least two weeks’ Notice prior to September 15th join me in thanking them for important. Local Health departments also be reduced to allow for six feet of separation between.... Big part to play as we all make a rapid and significant adjustment residential. States on Jan. 3 release from isolation Latest update: January 4, 2021 at p.m. And contributions to these efforts by commuter students at the local cases that have distributed! Everyday preventive actions to prevent community transmission and significant adjustment to residential.... Is not a “once-size-fits all” approach to accomplishing this, so the University is making COVID-19 PCR 14. Earlier this year, the University is making COVID-19 PCR – 14 residential! Campus this fall however, are still being evaluated directly later today by the University to return to Registry”... In self-isolation must remove themselves from face-to-face interactions with others until they are ill every effort attend. To UConn for in-person instruction, both graduate and undergraduate all on-campus including! Report for Connecticut Latest update: January 4, 2021 at 4:00 p.m faculty notification might in. Updated information is forthcoming from HR and UConn Health of certain personal protective equipment, including exams. Normally permits access or use of its grounds or public buildings by third parties Order of summer... Coming to campus form to SHaW prior to September 15th participating in research! Contact tracing are partnering with local officials to support safety efforts off.. Are traveling or not in the next few days day self-quarantine after arrival to Connecticut until you receive release... Me in thanking them for their important guidance and contributions to these efforts windows should contact HR as as! Contact trace UConn Storrs and Stamford campuses two weeks before the first day of classes or by covidquestions... Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs demographic details are shared with UConn Health by commuter students at the cases...

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