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    sky castle cast ga eul

    were truly well done and not a scene was boring. kuwakuwi Jan 28 2019 7:00 pm Seo-jin learns during her meeting with Laura Jung & Madam Yoon about Ju-yeong's past life in the USA, who was arrested for murdering her husband by sabotaging his car and framing it as an accident, which also debilitated her daughter. But still, it does not mean that what she did was right. here am i watching this thanks to hwang hyunjin. While fighting with Ye-seo after kissing Woo-joo, Hye-na accidentally breaks the secret. The actors are excellent 9/10. Satire drama? I wonder why my mom gave birth to me. Loved this drama so much! all cast did really great job. i luv itt. I found myself hating and loving some of these characters because they felt real. I loved how they played the music at exactly the right moment, it definitely played with my emotions :D Production Companies: HB Entertainment, DramaHouse Director: Jo Hyun Tak mg Sep 27 2020 2:09 pm I'm getting impatient huhuhu, favour Jan 25 2019 5:09 pm I love this drama, Abil Jan 11 2019 10:20 pm GZB Oct 20 2018 8:36 am I understand all their points but they are just so annoying. Support Role. Job well done everyone! Yeah ByeBye to KBS , SBS , MBC . Ye Seo was raised as a spoil brat but im surprised that she has a common sense towards Woojo. The depth in the acting. She tells the story of Jun-sang, who has no idea that that his one-night stand with Eun-hye resulted in Hye-na being born, and feels guilty of keeping the secret from him. The twists and turns kept me so interested all the way through. Basically everyone in South Korea watched this drama. This kim joo young is really crazy, she already got into yesuh mind. Among the kids, Kim Bo Ra's eyes speaks volume, just a twitch here and there and you can really relate to what she is feeling, nothing exaggerated. iam rooting for all of them actually, cant wait for another episode. To those who have finished watching this drama and has plans on watching it again, I salute you! uhh it so sad look the kids live like that T.T And don't just look at the result, the process is more important. This is how the K-drama should be written!!! She's so evil. This page was last edited on 3 February 2021, at 03:38. at the end i recommand this drama this is worth watching. Meanwhile, Woo-joo asks for a timeout from school as Gi-jun leads a protest in class to bid him farewell, while his mother's book about the scandal at Sky Castle is published and Kay is sent to a long-term care facility, where she is taken care of by Ga-eul. They have two sons. Nothing wrong with kids "finding themselves", especially after what the character had been through. Elle Jan 31 2019 4:04 am Cici Jan 23 2019 2:32 am Production Credits. Sky Castle alias Princess Maker adalah drama Korea bergenre komedi keluarga yang disiarkan JTBC mulai tanggal 23 November 2018. So cute and heartwarming, the relationship between Soo Han and his mom. i really like this drama, because of the story is very very insteresting and we can learn many thing from this drama. Ga Eul is the only decent person in SKY Castle. 19 recap: Woo Joo is cleared of the charges against him. Hye Na was raised with love and well mannered but how come she is being revengeful? After the visitation, Ye-seo admits she is lying to her about the toy parrot and tells her mother that she too suspects Ju-yeong and wants Woo-joo released, despite being aware of the consequences. Don't let greed eat you. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Hidden mistery, secret and lies, ambition, prestige, wuahh.. those elite and vvip life. That part in Ep19 when Coach Kim, after telling Teacher Jo to send the severance pay to other teachers, told him to leave, he held her wrist and announced his loyalty and token of gratitude, and she called him by his first name Jaejun for the first time. Unfortunately, they face the falling down at the bottom. ClamChowder Feb 03 2019 3:19 am yaya Dec 29 2018 6:11 am I think that this drama has really told really powerful lessons. Many loves for this drama! A dashboard camera shows a figure wearing a red hoodie, which Woo-joo is supposedly wearing at that time, pushed Hye-na to her death. A satirical drama that closely looks at the materialistic desires of the upper-class parents in South Korea and how they ruthlessly secure the successes of their families at the cost of destroying others' lives. A great drama overall! love all the angles of filming, the flow of the story, the background music and including memorable quotes to take away!! I'm torn between wanting Soolim as my mom or Dr. Hwang as my husband. Yep Dec 21 2018 9:51 pm ish Dec 16 2018 11:24 pm I love how it put emphasis on how education system actually eats up student's lives. Go Watch! tarotaro Jan 27 2019 8:36 am Shes not kind. Mereka mencoba membuat suami mereka lebih sukses dan membesarkan anak-anak mereka seperti pangeran dan putri. It's just so sad to think Hye Na didn't get to experience the love of a father and the fact that she had to die in the story for others to realize the wrong things they have been doing. Vamshi Dec 27 2018 9:45 am Why everyone hate hyena...!? Please don't be selfish and greedy. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (3947 votes) A rly top-notch drama!! The actors nailed theit characters... Excution: 8/10... How they laid out the story is perfect... One plot hole that I notice is that they didn't clarify how Hye Na really died... it was only establish that Coach Joo Young is the mastermind... but on how she really died during the night of Woo Joo's Birthday is unclear ... Who killed her??? Longest ending episode I've ever seen, showing endings for every single character! hehe May 15 2020 11:29 am I LOVE IT. Cosmic Boy Feb 10 2019 12:28 am Woo Ji Hyun. I couldn't believe that such culture in Korea exist. Due to a 2019 AFC Asian Cup soccer match between South Korea and Qatar, ep. I like this kind of drama. hwang family is so cool, the moms aren't bad people, even tho they a lil bit evil, but twins mom love her sons, suh jin loves yeh suh and that younger mom is comical ><. Woo-joo is handcuffed to the police station as he is framed for murdering Hye-na. THUMBS UP!!!!! You know the actor's doing an amazing job if he/she is making you hate the character beyond reasoning. i just watched ep 14 and omg i'm so worried about yesuh and her family. Maybe he will be the key answer for Woo Joo's family. Her high-pitched voice was very annoying. The adult cast is interesting. I was so amazed by what a huge roll Hye Na ended up playing in the drama. i just recommend everyone who's reading this to watch this drama! And her mother is turning blind eye for the cruel things did to prev family done by that kim joo young. its so realistic and i hope this would be a wake up calls to all the moms out there in the world that studies and academics are NOT success for your child, but its the happiness that your child has. His runaway with his lover named Lee Ga-eul, the family housekeeper and of a lower class, would be the last straw for her. From what've learned from this 16 episodes so far series and 4 more episodes to go. In 18 episodes now, cannot bear more of yeh suh's mom's evil doings. The storyline of this drama is very unpredictable and scary of how people can be blinded by some words spit through into them. Realize there should not be and should be. It was like that in "Class of Lies" where the piano recital is where parents would agree upon who will get which award even if there is really no announced competition in it in school. skyresident Feb 17 2019 8:37 am qinqin Jan 17 2019 11:05 pm Also for the Teenagers don't copy or make the mistake as Seri did, making her Parents believe she' studying in Harvard. is this not a makjang drama? And that's the problem with korea, just as long as you have a university degree, you get in. I think all of us who watching this drama are so proud because we're watching it while this drama is still airing lol. So much happening, never a dull moment! But srsly i still waiting for this moment, for someone kill that crazy psychopath witch Kim Joo Young or at least put her in jail. Daftar Nama Dan Biodata Pemain SKY Castle – SKY Castle Trans TV adalah drama terbaru dari channel jTBC yang akan ditayangkan bulan 23 November 2018. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") that growth in ratings though omg, mg Sep 27 2020 2:18 pm Genres. there's a lot of things to settle to call it's the end? They try make their husbands more successful … Im rooting for her because i just want to see her live happy without concern anything and get love from their parents like her friends, Kang Chani's noona Dec 27 2018 1:29 am So much to learn from it, especially the last few eps. such a great drama!! Thumbs up to this director huhu all i can really say is it's such an amazing drama. been watching kdrama more than 15 years and this is one of the best.i cried my heart out watching the last episode ? Guest Role. Well portrayed! I can't help but every episode always made my jaws drops. But the story is so interesting and the actors are very promising that I kept on watching it. What happen to Woo Joo. not only for kdrama fans, this drama has unique vibes, anyone around the globe should watch it. Madman999 Jan 20 2020 9:32 pm is there a comedy in this drama? Cast of characters: Kim Joo Young (topnotch academic coach) Kang family: Joon Sang (father, ... when his parents kick Ga Eul out of the house, Young Jae goes berserk, and his father threatens to disown him. m0chii Oct 09 2019 12:46 am But how come she love Hye Na more than her own sister? well executed though,. Pretty sure I've hated almost every character at certain point in this drama. im sure yall gonna be succeeded to attract women lol. Hwang Family is too perfect. Hana Jan 12 2019 10:27 pm Until I came across this drama through the variety shows that I was watching. Ps the bad guys in this k drama really get into my nerves!! It is perhaps no coincidence that the script, director and actors' acting blend so well to portray a bleeding social wound and the fact it has become the most watched drama in cable television history in Korea. Woo-Joo (chani) congrads for the new song Maria Jan 02 2019 3:16 am Woo-joo, upset about her death, accuses his father of killing her, based on what he did to his former wife, while Mi-hyeok accuses Se-ri of killing her after a fight broke up. I personally thought that everyone of them were mentally sick. Sefryena Feb 01 2019 11:22 pm That chase scene until that scene where Jinjin hugged her son to sleep was very touching. for getting more than 20% of rating, it was so hard for a kdrama. This is one of my top 2 dramas for 2018❣Awesome script, awesome cast❣❣Jjang, jjang, jjang! Episode 20, Finale: “Goodbye, Sky Castle” (with spoilers) Ep. Actually, kudos to the actress portraying Yebin. Su-im is disturbed by evening cram school students, including Ye-bin and Su-han, whom she witnesses stealing snacks from a minimart, so she handles them herself. I really hateee kang familys ugghhh, kermoet Jan 21 2019 5:53 pm the difference is that ma yeo jin/akutsu maya were actually very kind, while coach kim is really evil. Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links ... [SKY Castle Security] Support Role. 2) Her sheltered existence makes her weak-willed who will never survive if the odds are against her. Kimchi Dec 28 2018 11:07 pm How should I die in order to make the people left behind suffer? Why? Anyway I am addicted to this drama . Thats it. Actually, the drama makes me curious about how parents in Korean educate and treat their children. Its predictable in a good way, because the characters is so well depicted. Nananacchan Feb 01 2019 10:04 am With Jung-ah Yum, Tae-ran Lee, Yun Se-ah, Na-ra Oh. I absolutely love the fact this drama addresses the issue with parents pressuring their children to be the very best in school instead of nurturing their children to be the best version of themselves by supporting their dreams. Coach Kim reminds me a lot to Akutsu Maya in Queens classroom.. Chittaranjan Jan 29 2019 7:30 pm Hye Na -why does she need to be symphatised? And after Ye-seo's intimidation, she distances herself from her mother and Ye-seo by running away with her mother's computer tablet and some of her mom's bags and jewelry, but Su-im finds her and takes her to her home. It sort of makes us the viewers to reflect on ourselves. Thumbs up to the cast . They are ambitious, greedy about delusional fame. Kim joo young, i hate u so muccchhhhh ?? She confronts Hye-na for telling Ye-seo of her father's unrequited love for her late mother, but she challenges her to tell him and says she is returning what was given to her by him. Wooowww what a baby face she has...!!!! Tara Dec 28 2018 12:19 pm Drama ini bertempat di sebuah gedung apartemen berlantai empat di pinggiran kota Seoul, yang dihuni oleh beberapa profesional seperti hakim, jaksa, dokter, profesor dan istri mereka. Also, that VVIP bidding was the first time I had encountered about it. How sad it is to think that they raised their children like that because they were also not raised right. Jun-sang is rained with guilt as he suddenly remembers his ex, Eun-hye, and balks at Seo-jin for hiding Hye-na's paternity test. The young actors are really killing it in their roles. Suspense thrilling drama? since Hyena first appeared. I knew this drama would be a hit the day I read the synopsis! Su-im suspects that Seo-jin has conspired with Ju-yeong to cover up her case, so she meets Laura Jung to investigate the latter's life in the USA. As Ye-seo comes over to Ju-yeong, Seo-jin suspects her daughter might actually be the culprit after she called Ju-yeong that night saying she wanted to kill Hye-na in fear of humiliation. Secondly nowadays parent always said whatever we do are for the goods of their children and eventually they will understand. During a visitation from Seo-jin, Ju-yeong reminds her what brought her to murdering Hye-na too. Episode 1 360p. Hanahanahealing Mar 26 2019 7:11 am The plot twistssss are so crazy. The ending of the drama didn't leave any gaps unfilled and covered every single characters' ending in a very unique way. @Chibimaruko same! By ruining others' life? And the fact that Kim Joo Young coaches students just to feel less guilty for what she did to her daughter were so irritating. [CDATA[ Everyone is complaining about what hyena dis to yesuh, but is yesuh kind to hyena..?? What important is Family. Jjangg... Another Korean Drama that everyone must watch. Also, the introduction of new characters throughout the first half of the drama was very well planned! Other of them is crazy, maya Dec 06 2018 9:48 am He spares her life and begs her not to do what she did with Yeong-jae to her future clients. I stopped watching Kdramas for more than a year now. I love each one of them even sometimes I want to jump into the screen and slap Coach Kim and Seojin's face. The mental health implications and plot twists really are real life examples that are happening around the world. To Hye Na haters, sorry guys but she's bound to end up with Woo Joo. The reason being it touches on many real life issues eventhough it may seem cliche but the whole plot was executed very well by the actors and actresses. It was only after Hyena's death where I finally see that she can, at least, have some bit of conscience. SKY Castle ini akan menggambarkan upaya mereka untuk memasukkan anak-anak mereka ke universitas yang bagus. windymae Jan 31 2019 11:36 am Kang joon sang Apr 24 2019 1:50 pm I really like Hye Na.They look cute with Woo Joo❤. i cant even watch any other drama because they cant top this! A satirical, a black comedy drama. I remember when I was teen. She meets Ju-yeong to ask for Su-chang's contact to ask him permission to write her novel based on Yeong-jae's story, but travels with her instead to his cabin. Strong characters, nice plot etc. This drama is too good to be true She is really too much and i was happy that she died like that coz she played a game that's bigger than her and she kept provoking every character even if she was yeh suh's sister she shouldn't have provoked her and her mom like that and wanted to destroy their lives , she could have gone to her dad and told him that she was her daughter from the beginning , otherwise i liked yeh suh's character even she was a little rude but i liked the fact that she's not too faced like hye na , also i liked that she wasn't influenced by kim joo young like the son of the previous family , at the end she didn't want to stay quiet and saved woo joo from staying in the jail , jin jin and her family was annoying and every time they appear i skip their scenes. Rosalie Apr 20 2019 5:50 am Su-im goes back to the crime scene to retrace what she remembers happened that night and found something in the boiler room that she thinks serves as evidence. So completely disagree with Diane's comments below, from her first sentence to the last. As expected, the show is litttt!! I am not from Korea but I feel Korean moms are too much into their children and their personal lives....but surely I can't judge from few dramas, they have shown both parents like woo Joo moms and yeh suh mom's but more dangerous are parents like Cha min hyuk he doesn't know that he is right, ignorant and over confident fools are more dangerous... Baksoendul Dec 27 2018 2:47 am never been curious n kinda impatient for waiting for next episode of any kdrama before EXCEPT THIS ONE eventhough they gave us slight review for next ep but daaamn that was made me even really hope for next episode. I can't play with my friends. Not typical lovey dovey korean drama. It keep increasing. She is smart enough and can move on and live her life to the fullest, but why is she being revengeful? Oh God, I really really hate her. SKY Castle ini bertempat di sebuah gedung apartemen berlantai empat di pinggiran Seoul, yang dihuni oleh beberapa profesional seperti hakim, jaksa, dokter, profesor dan istri mereka. I prefer Hyena. Seo-jin holds a party to celebrate Ye-seo's win, but conspires with Jin-hee to give Su-im a lesson. Hyena is lowkey manipulative person,and why kim bora seems have pick the same role with this character? To who ever said Yeom Jungah-nim looked a bit like Philippine actress Vilma Santos I totally agree with you. Knowing that Ye-seo has a slim chance of winning the student council election, she makes Seo-jin blackmail Doo-hoon's mother to derail Hye-na's campaign so that she resigns, while Su-im wants to meet Ju-yeong to continue her investigation of Yeong-jae. ??? Every character(parents & children) is different, the story doesnt dictate only a single parenting style is right.

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