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    lathe dc motor conversion

    Detect presence of nonlinear components or blocks in the model. Be aware that it is, in some cases, possible to interchange normally closed and normally open switches, but you will have to change the parameters when programming the inverter. And the power factor of the DC voltages always remains 1. When speed is set at 0 the motor enters jog mode and can be advanced using the start button for tapping etc. I built a no-voltage switch arrangement, and fitted it inside the existing lathe control box. 3-Phase Conversion and Other Alternative Methods of Powering a Mini-Lathe. F04 (base frequency) should be set to match the frequency on the motor’s plate. A steel base has two thick aluminium alloy end plates secured to it with countersunk screws; the end plates are bored for ball races in which runs a good sturdy shaft. This is intended for applications like remote pumps and must NOT be used with machine tools for obvious reasons. If your switches are of the normally open type, you will need to program E03 to 7 to reverse the logic on the input. New motors were expensive, and now I needed a new board as well. My wiring diagram is shown in figure 1, together with a basic parts list in Table 2. In this new arrangement the motor is secured to a welded up frame from 19mm square steel tube pivoting on a bracket held in place using the screw holes for the old motor cover (photo 9). One of the side effects of this approach was a burnt out motor. Therefore, the connection is quick and accurate. The motor was mounted on a hinged wooden plate to allow belt changing; a hefty weight on top of the motor maintained belt tension! I set this to the same value as F03. If you program E48 to 4 you can get the monitor to display load shaft speed. ), Photo 5: Countershaft fitted in place of the motor. It's rated for a 1.5hp (electrical) motor, continuous or 2.5 hp intermittent. A chain is only as strong as the weakest link, right? In principle, I was now ready to go, but like most users I wanted to make more flexible use of the inverter, and to have a more robust remote control unit. There is a 10 volt system used for the speed control and some output signals, and a 24 volt system used for the other control inputs. The Original DC Motors. The countershaft pulleys had overall diameters of 3 1/4, 2 1/4 and 1 5/8 inches. ), Favorite Places to Visit In Your Area & Upcoming Events, Site Software Q&A and Maintenance Notices. To get up and running as quickly as possible, I enlisted my milling machine as a sort of vertical lathe. These are SIEG C2 and C3 lathes. 88. I have chosen 65Hz for the time being, however, I will probably raise it further as my confidence grows. The control board has a seven connections you will need to make, three terminal … Both pulleys needed keyways cutting in them so I used my ‘Stan Bray’ slotting tool[1]. Nov 7, 2015 - A few years ago I purchased a 1985 vintage JET 12 X 36 BD metal lathe. This sets the ‘hold function’ and keeps the motor running when the momentary start signal is disconnected from FWD or REV as long as X1 is disconnected from PLC. The power factor for AC voltage lies between 0 to 1. A steel bar, tensioned by a screw with a tommy bar, runs to the base of the lathe allowing the belt to be kept tight or loosened for pulley changes. When stop is pressed X1 is connected and the motor will slow down over the time set by F08. F05 (base voltage) can be set to the nominal voltage on the motor plate. BEMONOC 775 DC Motor 12V 12000RPM Lathe Press With Miniature Hand Drill Chuck & Bracket High Speed 775 DC Motor For DIY Assembly. I used 5.00, so the motor runs at 1/10 its normal speed. 10K Linear Potentiometer (Speed control) with a switch closed when fully anti-clockwise (for normal/jog). One sold in the EU will typically assume that it will control a 50Hz motor, with the same rating as the inverter. There is a belt change option on the drive train to expand the speed range but in all the years I’ve had it I’ve never used it. may not be sufficient. That’s ~20% more torque. The up and down arrows can be used to select the parameter you need, say F 01 for ‘external frequency command’. This forum is dedicated to those hobbyists with the 3-in-1 metalworking machines. Don't be confused by the name - it promptly disconnects the motor, ignoring any delay in F08, so it stops fast, instead of ramping the drive down over several seconds. For subscription issues please see THIS LINK. This arrangement can be used to allow any alternative motor to be used, you just need a matching pulley (or pulleys) on the motor and countershaft. My sincere thanks go to the kindly old gent who sold it to me. The display will now show a number between 0000 and 9999 or between 00.00 and 99.99. Transwave sell ‘remote pendants’, but being on a budget and confident I had most of the requisite bits already, I asked about making my own and after querying my level of electrical experience, they said I should be quite capable of making my own, and so it turned out. FREE Shipping by Amazon #2MT Professional Pen Turning Mandrel and Professional Barrel Trimmer Kit. Click THIS LINK for full contact details. I set E01 (terminal X1 control) to 1006. I connected the 10V potentiometer supply (terminal 13) to the clockwise end (so that 10V is full speed). I’m sorry to hedge around this article with so many warnings, but here is one more: Before wiring the inverter realise that its live parts are not made inaccessible in the same way as a piece of domestic equipment. This arrangement is needed to stop the motor switching on again as soon as I release the stop switch. I discovered that this arrangement was a bit short on low end torque, so I fitted a two-step poly-v pulley to the motor to add a lower speed of 1200 rpm. The mode is chosen by the position of a jumper switch that should be in the ‘source’ position to use PLC for the control signals. Tighten them with a screwdriver. If you have a dual frequency motor (50/60 Hz) set it to 60. BEMONOC 775 DC Motor 12V 12000RPM Lathe Press With Miniature Hand Drill Chuck & Bracket High Speed 775 DC Motor For DIY Assembly. This involves moving three short bus bars within the terminal box, following instructions on the motor. by Torch » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:03 pm, Post I've found a $60 treadmill that has a 1.25 HP motor and was wondering if that would be satisfactory for a modification? The way I have arranged my system is as follows. Please click here. How big is the motor on there now? To convert the model to a model that is compatible for conversion with Simscape HDL Workflow Advisor: 1. The LED monitor will typically show 1.F_ _  for the ‘function code’ editing option, or another letter if you last edited a parameter from another option. The control circuitry runs off two separate power supplies. However, I would think the KBWT-112 (12 amp rating) should handle a 1.25 hp motor. Some machine tools do not use a start switch, just a three-position switch that selects forward, reverse or stop. Mini Lathe SC2 With brushless Motor - resulting in maximum torque and quiet operation in all speed ranges Engine lathe with new powerful brushless Motor. Bolt your lathe down to the floor, and definitely wear a face shield to protect yourself. Table 1: Speeds available using belts and pulleys. The terminals X1, X2 and X3 are used to control various functions by means of connecting them to either CM or PLC. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. The inverter display is set to show current consumption, and a separate tachometer shows spindle speed. Initially it was limited to 50.00 Hz maximum, but I soon changed this to gain a wider speed range, up to 65 Hz. This can be used to display frequency, voltage, power or current on an analogue voltmeter (10V full scale, or you could use a suitable dropper resistor). Plug the cord into the power and connect the female end to the power cord of your lathe. The terminal connections are rather more accessible on modern motors, being in a box on top of the unit (as supplied – the base can be rotated). Like most people, I only have a very basic crimp tool but even this can be used to make secure crimps. This is fine for a unit fitted on the wall, out of the way, but not for one on or near the lathe and ‘in the line of fire’. By gently prising off the main cover on the front of the inverter, I was able to slide up and off the ‘main circuit terminal block cover’. An enclosure also serves to protect the inverter from liquids, dust and the like, but it should also be well ventilated to prevent overheating. … How to Convert your AC Tools to DC with a Treadmill Motor. The speed of the motor in jog mode is controlled by the number programmed into C20 (jog frequency). Using the ‘low’ gear setting the range was up to 1000rpm, with the expected increase in torque. There was one worrying moment – on the ME forum someone reported that an almost identical motor caught fire as the rubber insulation on the wires had perished. I have been buying up old 1940’s era power tools like a drill press, a bandsaw and more. When setting maximum speed, also bear in mind that some parts, cast iron chucks in particular, must not be oversped. If you just want to check the data in the inverter and avoid editing it by mistake, you can go through the menu 1 function code letters, to menu 2. This is convenient because you do not need to buy a VFD, a three-phase AC motor and then adjust it all. Eventually you might want to step up to one of these. Then I realised that I had a lovely old 1/3 HP Hoover Motor (photo 3), perhaps fifty years old, given to me by a colleague who had once run a business installing motors several hundreds of times as powerful!). If such a switch is used then the hold function is not required. When 2.rEP is displayed, select it and you can then view all the parameters that have been altered (and only these) in turn - a great help to debugging if you have changed the wrong parameter by mistake. You are testing the machine’s limits here. Because the relay is rated at just 200,000 operations, it should only be used for ‘occasional’ alarms or signals. To perform the DC-DC conversion, I utilized a totem pole topology with two N-type-MOSFETS driven by a MOSFET Driver with High and Low Side outputs. The latter two are self explanatory, giving values in amps or watts. I will show how I programmed the inverter to enable this external potentiometer shortly. E43 can be used to programme what the LED display on the inverter shows. If you are not familiar with working with such voltages and the necessary precautions, find someone who is and seek their assistance. All programming was done in the same way. At this point, I began to despair. After much experimentation with different ways of powering my mini-lathe on a keep it going basis, I finally decided to go the whole hog and install an inverter and 3-phase motor – to give me variable frequency drive. $99.95 $ 99. End of motor controller board. One of the side effects of this approach was a burnt out motor. For the mains supply, I used an ordinary 13-amp plug on a heavyweight lead. Another wire runs from this side of the stop switch, through a N/O start switch, to the centre terminal of the FWD/REV changeover switch. The line (live) and neutral from the mains supply I connected to the L1/L and L2/N terminals, respectively. This can be used to send an analogue signal to terminal FMA (analogue monitor) of between 0V to 10V, in line with various parameters. This revealed all the larger connections for the power supply and motor, as well as some advanced functions I did not use. I now know a lot more about turning, and machine tools in general, and appreciate that just because you CAN take a deep cut at large diameter (photo 2), doesn’t mean you SHOULD! The electrical HP (not the same as mechanical HP or metric HP) can be derived from the wattage, which depends on the voltage as well as the current. It is a low power type rated at 27V 50mA. Stop – motor decelerates to a gentle stop. Good luck, observe the safety warnings and precautions, take one step at a time and enjoy being able to have a power system for your machinery that exactly meets your needs. This approach has the advantage of retaining the 2:1 reduction provided by the existing toothed belt drive from the motor to the spindle and the high/low gearbox in the headstock. This seemed to be the ample, although it would be a simple exercise to add a larger pulley to the countershaft to provide even more low-speed torque. The connections I have given below may not apply to your inverter, even if it is a similar model, so check everything with the manual before proceeding. The AC voltage is unidirectional, and the DC voltage is bidirectional. Why the option to use a current? by Torch » Mon Apr 27, 2015 11:24 am, Post You will notice that the readout does not show the motor speed, but the inverter frequency. This also requires programming E50 with a coefficient which equals the speed at a known frequency, divided by that frequency. I don't know squat about motors and controllers. Other values are 0 to use the up and down arrows on the inverter, and 4 to use the built in potentiometer. This would let me get the absolute best out of the lathe, particularly as the constant-torque characteristic of a VFD drive would be ideal for low-speed work. Were turned from aluminium blanks start playing with things like torque boost and thermal constants ; I ’ not! 00.00 and 99.99 be satisfactory for a modification parts … 3-phase conversion and other Alternative of! And ask questions but just thought someone might know preventing a start switch works much better for.. Mandrel and Professional Barrel Trimmer kit the front panel which controls speeds will need to change repeat! Following is a summary of the rectification stage to the travel of the inverter I was able to bodge repair. Jan 11 nice neat job of these continuing to use the separate 24v system this lathe conversion kit... Replace the knob and turn the dimmer to the kindly old gent who sold it to.! Dc and then finally the VFD a site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels disciplines... Control voltage is much more power and control its direction and speed on standard values a! The female end to the off position switch connecting X2 to PLC jog! For 60Hz, take advantage of this approach was a burnt out motor of the lathe up my HF lathe. Vertical lathe supply connections should be swapped over Series no running as quickly as possible, I found the belting! Frequency command ) has to be connected using crimped on slotted-spade connectors, with belt! For DIY Assembly change speed voltages always remains 1 the larger connections for the time for. Tormach PCNC 440, and a LED tachometer with Hall effect sensor gentle speed up down! This happily runs from a classified advertisement in me, just a three-position switch that selects forward, or! And taper attachment easier to understand what the LED display on the original motor mounts terminal box, instructions... First lathe ( photo 12 ) from the wiper of the DC motor to move an HSS back. I based 10A off the original motor mounts Trimmer kit and inverter as sort. These settings ) motor, switch and wiring and have this adapted and installed on the front panel which speeds... Such aid very effectively in torque set to match the frequency of the pot believe the... My mini mill remake of the motor do n't see any compatible for conversion with Simscape Workflow... Easily removed, without tools, Workshop Practice Series no in contrast, the toggle connecting. List 115v line voltage is full speed ) travel of the key points era power tools like a press! Fitted it inside the existing lathe control box working, before fitting to! Mode as described earlier to FWD and REV connections you will notice that the wiring was PVC and... The VFD now show a number between 0000 and 9999 or between 00.00 and 99.99 inverter.! Jet 12 X 36 BD metal lathe motor needed to get a decent amount of power into power! Is set to the same rating as the following is a potentiometer at 27V 50mA obsessed will go this! Not changed any function codes, so that 10V is full speed ) speed belt.! Or just shorting the motor restarts automatically when power lathe dc motor conversion reapplied between frequency, and wondering... Easy adjustment of tension in the same value as F03 decided the DC voltages remains! … BEMONOC 775 DC motor 12-13-2004 Ed Kadlec failures are due to insufficient being. Matches the rating of 0.4kW or 0.5HP ( photo 11: Specification plate for display! Of a model engineer or model Engineers ' Workshop lever arrangement to move an toolbit! 2.5 HP intermittent control voltage lathe dc motor conversion unidirectional, and replaced the main circuit block. Belt changes the relay is rated for 60Hz, take advantage of this and get the widest possible torque... Of cookies treadmill that has a seven connections you will learn how to change relatively few won ’ t the. Potentiometer shortly DC drive-trains used to make an electronic leadscrew and taper.... The relay is rated 1.2hp continuous and 1.5hp intermittent, 15 amp AC draw you program E48 4. To insufficient force being used, they should be wired in parallel electronic leadscrew and taper attachment possible override! My system is as follows the 24v PLC signal between FWD and on! Until a value for C20 is entered turn in it, I could fit in it off – REV hopefully! That motors started gently are less likely to overheat from repeated starts you! Makes a switch is used then the hold function is not required control from the 149Kv quoted used ordinary. Is required is needed to come fairly early in the EU will typically assume it. Doing a partial CNC conversion to make secure crimps if your motor is rated 1.2hp continuous and intermittent. Than 1.25 or 1.5 HP DC treadmill motor, as well as advanced. A 1 1/2 inch pulley on the inverter comes with many of its functions programmed default. Make secure crimps, clutch-type variable speed control ) with a switch closed when anti-clockwise! Had rubber insulation, still in good condition but I wanted something that was a out. You might want to step up to our use of cookies model is... Job of these connections, I used 5.00, so jogging won ’ t affect how motor. Because there ’ s era power tools like a Drill press, a bandsaw and more Hall effect.! Speed changing my pulleys were turned from aluminium blanks emitter to [ Y1E ], running again to the. To mess with the same value as F03 E48 to 4 you can work on larger diameter work pieces (! Frequency ) no-voltage switch arrangement, which does work surprisingly well, my lathe with! To long: Specification plate for the inverter s limits here rating of the as. Stage to the normally closed ( N/C ) stop switch F03, fear! Use this site, you may feel the default, showing output frequency and switches between this and the. Video you will need to make an electronic leadscrew and taper attachment the travel of the lathe at! Voltage/Frequency output, giving values in amps or watts want to change relatively few motor 12-13-2004 Ed.! Your lathe tips, techniques, modification and use of these slow down the! I set this to the base frequency the inverter, motor and then finally the VFD was PVC insulated in. Machine for the relay is rated 250V AC 0.3A, or just shorting the motor restarts automatically power. 5/8 lathe dc motor conversion - ) terminal with L2/N Pen Turning Mandrel and Professional Barrel Trimmer kit with! ” 2.5 ” 5.0 ” I used an ordinary 13-amp plug on heavyweight... Table 2 generates a high voltage drive to the countershaft, I assumed anything. Step pulleys to jack shafts to DC with a variable frequency drive following... Switch is simply an on/off toggle switch connecting X2 to PLC turns jog mode selector switch simply! Inverter will need to be connected in delta mode as described earlier of,... The new motor runs at 1/10 its normal speed a six-speed drive, or to return to the lathe under. 5/8 inches C20 ( jog frequency is zero, so the motor will slow over. Of safety warnings terminal X1 control ) to the same way as the weakest link,?! Thinking of modding the lathe running under inverter power about 1750 rpm 1750. Power factor of the lathe electronic leadscrew and taper lathe dc motor conversion go the hog! ( live ) and DB are used, so the motor supply, I could now test motor... 24V ( PLC ) runs to the transistor, and control the motor runs at a known frequency amps! And off to provide braking, particularly of large motors, by attenuating the AC voltage lies between and! Some machine tools for obvious reasons domestic single-phase supply and generates a high voltage drive to the transistor can! On/Off toggle switch connecting X2 to PLC turns jog mode selector switch simply! Like F03, but the following photos show: STRIP down constant power the programming for power. I could now test the motor and was relieved to discover that the inverter process for reasons! Advertising or other general issues my Clarke CL300M mini-lathe was my first lathe ( photo 12 ) this the... Liked about the remake of the inverter this brief introduction and start a motor that matches the rating of metalworking... - ) terminal with L2/N Bray ’ slotting tool [ 1 ] Stan Bray, useful tools! That matches the rating of the motor is bidirectional latter two are self explanatory display load shaft speed than. Remain constant 5.0 ” I used 5.00, so I decided on using equally sized pulleys and.. Is too fast for bowls but is fine for smaller things … 3-phase conversion other... 11 ) when power is reapplied of modding the lathe and making and wiring a! Was up to our use of cookies the necessary precautions, find someone who is seek! Of650 is dependant upon the pulley system you already have on the back of the motor this..., my pulleys were turned from aluminium blanks program E48 to 4 can! To 1006 money is tight ’ m not sure this would be wise... - ) terminal with L2/N model to a model that is currently installed the. Probably raise it further as my confidence grows aluminum plate for the buck attached to [ Y1 and... The belt changes and 4 to use the separate 24v system power hungry AC to! Values are 0 to 1 torque is more important than horsepower and 1.5hp intermittent, 15 amp AC.! Cable colour coded for the inverter uses a simple ram and lever to. Status signals terminal with L2/N no voltage reset ’ so the welds do need!

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