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    10 Best Hunting Dogs that Don’t Shed (2021) November 3, 2020 by Garrett. This type of dog has a textured outer coat with a fine, soft, silky undercoat. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to have a look at our list of the 10 best hiking dogs … Two of the best breeds for shed hunting aren’t necessarily known as hunting dogs – the German Shepherd and the Bloodhound. The goal was to create dogs with certain physical traits that would make them better suited to retrieving waterfowl. I have been specializing specifically in shed antler hunting dogs, with my own special training techniques, for over twelve years now. 6. Their stubborn demeanor can make them difficult to house train and field train because they have a tendency to want to do things their way. Besides, their name says it all – retriever. You do want to keep the skin from becoming dry by using lotion, creams, or oil however. Brush the coated variety daily to weekly to keep shedding to a minimum. Bathing at least 2 times a week and frequent massages with oil or crème can help to avoid some of these skin conditions and keep the skin supple. Arguably some of the best bird dogs of all time, English Setters also make great shed dogs. The straight and easy answer is that you can use any dog that has a good smell of power. At home, they’re mild-mannered, excellent family dogs and especially gentle with small kids. The Labrador Retriever just might be the #1 dog of all time. They should be groomed frequently, bathed at least once a month, and visit a professional groomer at least once every three months as they are prone to skin problems and allergies. Essential Tracking Kit – Train almost any dog to track and find wounded game. The canines cut down dramatically on the amount of time spent searching for sheds, and many enthusiasts say it is a … So, you may ask me what is the best shed hunting dog? These pups don’t necessarily have to be field trial champions, but their pedigree can certainly tell you a lot about their ability to learn, which makes the training process much easier. The bond that exists between hunter and dog is magical, made even more so by the pursuit of wild game. Both breeds make wonderful pets, and German Shepherds can double as guard dogs. Welcome to the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association (NASHDA), website. But that doesn’t mean they won’t become a wonderful companion. This Nelli’s third litter of puppies. Compared to many other breeds, Beagles are fairly independent and low maintenance dogs. A bored Lab may resort to destructive behavior such as chewing, which can cause more frustration than happiness if you’re not willing or able to fulfill their needs. Popular hunting breeds such as Labradors and golden retrievers have noses, enthusiasm and endurance to support your shed antler hunting goals. This dog looks like a lamb due to its non-shedding coat that has a wooly appearance. The coat should be clipped and needs to be combed and brushed daily. Above all, these two breeds possess the best noses you’ll find anywhere, often used by police to sniff out narcotics, track down criminals, and even detect cancer in humans. They make good watchdogs and are great for families with children. Nelli is a Labrador Retriever who has her AKC CGC and 4 passes at her NASHDA Senior Shed Hunting Dog title. Where's Spot? If you’re curious about how to use dogs for shed hunting check out; The Basics of Shed Dog Training and The Best Shed Hunting Dog Breeds. Ralph Scherder is a full time award-winning writer and photographer from Butler, PA, where he lives with his wife Natalie, two kids Sophia and Jude, and an English Setter named Charlie. They must get regular baths and be clipped every six to eight weeks. This training system has up to 1 mile range and fully waterproof with a remote that will float in the water. They tend to be "snappy" so this breed is not recommended for younger children. Large – Every order comes with one, Large grade-A antler dog chews that are 6" to 7" in length, making them perfect for aggressive chewers. The most common breeds include Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, and Spaniels. She is a wonderful momma and has beautiful, smart pups. They are normally very good with older children however. Training your prized bird dog to hunt sheds won’t ruin their ability or desire to find birds. This litter has 5 females and 4 males. The last time we came to this are for her shed dog training, it was horrible. If you’re ready to take your shed hunting to the next level, consider buying a dog or even training a dog you already own. Featuring 100 lock and set levels of static stimulation. Ideal for highly active adult dogs that are susceptible to joint issues later. 1 in 2020. Here are a few hunting dogs that are commonly used as shed dogs, as well as some positives and negatives associated with each breed. Dogs have upwards of 300 million scent receptors in the noses (bloodhound) and with some training, they’ll locate and retrieve some shed antlers that you would have never found. The Springer Spaniel can make a great shed dog too. Training clicker comes in color: black. best shed hunting dogs, ... this year. Xoloitzcuintli: Also known as the Mexican Hairless or Xolo, this breed is a rare hairless breed of dog that comes in three sizes: toy, miniature and standard. 1 in 2020. This is a very clean breed that has no odor and is not prone to fleas. What you plan to hunt should determine the type of dog you get. They are also wary of strangers. Simply put, they’re genetically hard-wired to bark while following a fresh track, but they also bark on the home front, too, which might not be appreciated by close neighbors. They are also said to be excellent with children. The coat is a combination of soft and harsh hairs that tend to curl and require a clipping every six weeks to stay in good shape. A hunter and his (or her) dog. ), for instance, have deep instincts that help them perform very well for this task, which probably makes them the best breed. For neck sizes between 6 - 30 inches. Shed Antler Hunting Tip #1 – Use a dog. Rather, serving double duty allows them and you to spend more time in the outdoors, effectively shortening the “off season.”. bottle of liquid blood trailing scent is made from real deer blood along with several other key wildlife scent components. The hairless variety is very hairless and the coated has only a very short, sleek, clean coat much like that of a Doberman. They possess one of the best noses in the business and an ability to find game that is second to none. Both breeds make wonderful pets, and German Shepherds can double as guard dogs. The coat of the standard and miniature variety should be clipped twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. This breed has also been bred to excel in upland game hunting. You can also check out Dog Bone Hunter for more info on how to train your own deer dog as well as tools to make the job easier. Blood Trail Training Scent – This advanced 2 oz. There’s much debate over which breeds are best for each type of hunting. This breed sheds little to no hair and is odorless, even when wet. What is known is that our hunting forefathers tried mightily to develop dogs that best fit their personal sporting needs. The crisp, curly coat is a sold brown or puce color that has a purple tent. This dog … Bag – Every order comes with a full pound of 4-5 assorted, grade-A antler dog chews that are 6”-7” in length, making them perfect for everyday chewing. 7. Mess and Odor Free – Packed with natural minerals, these dog treats are low odor, mess free, and durable enough so they can be enjoyed by indoor or outdoor dogs. Required fields are marked *. Dog Bone Hunter owner, Jeremy Moore, has developed a system for helping you develop your dog to find antlers, as well as track wounded deer. The coat is dense and can be course and wooly or soft and wavy. The main component a dog must possess is trainability, and a lot of this boils down to genetics. They are very sweet with children especially. Momentary and Continuous buttons for personalized training. Bathe with a gentle soap. If you want to minimize the amount of hair you’re vacuuming and lint-rolling off your clothes, consider one of the low-shedding dogs listed below. Bichon Frise: This breed tends to be lovable, smart, playful and happy. The Irish Water Spaniel requires a lot of grooming since the coat will tend to mat. Theirs was often a mix-and-match breeding exercise that included canines ranging from collies to bloodhounds. The Basenji is a free-roaming working dog, and they wear their independence like a badge of honor. The undercoat is very dense and needs to be brushed daily with a short wire brush. Beagles are also tenacious and persistent in the field, often combing the area with nose low to the ground. 13. In general Schnauzers are intelligent, alert, and loyal with a strong sense of smell. Of course, the Labrador Retriever’s rambunctiousness is also one of its downfalls. Roger Sigler, of Smithville, Mo, breeds and trains dogs that are specialized in finding deer antler sheds. A clever hunting breed originating from the Congo, this is a unique dog with a sharp wit. Shed hunting is growing quickly in popularity, and so are shed dogs. Though no dog is 100 percent ... medium dog breeds bred as working dogs. Sunscreen should also be used in very sunny weather. As it normally goes, most hunting gun … Custom, Handcrafted Treats – Chosen by hand these deer antlers are washed, cut, trimmed, and sanded to ensure they’re safe for pets and their dental health. As you can probably understand from the name shed hunting that when there are sheds (most commonly deer) around and are hiding in the bushes, the dog… Whether you’re a duck hunter, pursue small game or want to find sheds after hunting season ends, it all starts with a quality dog breed. All-Natural, Premium Antlers – Ideal for medium and large breed dogs, these pure, natural dog treats are a great choice for heavy chewers or training growing pups. Throughout history, few topics have been more romanticized than this, and for good reason. For a more complete list and for more information about each of the breeds listed please visit www.dogbreedinfo.com. All-Natural, Premium Antler – Ideal for large breed dogs, these pure, natural dog chews are a great choice for heavy chewers or training growing pups. It is always best to test out a dog before adopting or making a purchase. They require lots of exercise. Best Shed Hunting Dog Breeds in 2020. Check Price on Amazon.com. Eating Trout and Grouse, but Still Awaiting Elk, 10 Things I Wish Every Public Land Hunter Knew. Share this on Facebook (opens in new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in new window). They are not prone to fleas or ticks but can be susceptible to dry skin, sunburn, and acne. Shih Tzu: This breed is alert, spunky, happy, and sometimes arrogant. And they’re great for grabbing sheds as well. Dog Bone Shed Dog Training DVD Shed Dog Training with Jeremy Moore (shed Dog, shed Hunting, Deer Tracking) BESTSELLER NO. They need water to swim, an activity they are specialized for. Dogs have been helping humans hunt since the beginning of domestication. The Real Deal (Shed Hunting with your Dog in the Field) There is little to no difference between the final stages of shed hunting dog training and actually shed hunting with a dog. Complete 1-lb. These iconic bunny-chasers are natural tracking dogs, which translates well to shed hunting. Perfect for back yards, parks, competitions, police k-9 work, any types of hunting and large field training. Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkies are said to be smart, playful, independent and brave. And don’t worry. 1. Assembled and tested in the USA. Unlike other breeds, this dog will break out in a sweat when hot or scared. Because of the manageable coat, this breed doesn't have a strong odor and sheds little. The breed is considered a non-shedding breed but they do need extensive grooming. Portuguese Water Dog: This breed is generally friendly, intelligent, affectionate, water-loving, energetic, and loyal. 18. As long as they have the ability and desire to learn, any breed can be turned into a shed dog. Both varieties are great for the allergy sufferer. No dog is going to be completely free of dander or totally hypoallergenic. Train your dog to be a shed hunting pro. This means that they can scent a pheasant or quail that is held up in the thickest brush. Truth is, when it comes to shed hunting, just about any breed can be molded in an antler-finding expert. Notebook: Cute Beagles & Toys - Lined Notebook, Diary, Track, Log & Journal - Gift Idea for Boys Girls Teens Men Women (8"x10" 120 Pages) Of all the shedless dogs on our list, the Lagotto is the closest as you can get to a true hunting dog. Gun dogs: Also called bird dogs, since that is their primary prey, these dogs sometimes hunt smaller animals like rabbits. They’re large, energetic, bouncy dogs with seemingly boundless energy. Use with dogs that are 20 pounds and larger. Dogs can never be 100% hypoallergenic since every dog sheds at least seasonally – but allergy sufferers will find the WPG is a great alternative to other heavy shedding breeds. In order to be a good hunting dog they have to be athletic, have a prey drive, and extremely trainable. They range in color from light cream to carmel. A little discipline goes a long way with an English Setter. In short, English Setters are very good at adapting to and learning new things and can be trained to perform tasks that just about any other breed can do. Shih Tzu's are also wary of strangers and can be "snappy" when surprised. A strong negative is that English Setters are very people-oriented. Individuals who can't tolerate some of the other hypoallergenic breeds can tolerate the American Hairless Terrier in most instances. For this reason, bucks like to bask in the rays during the cold months to warm up. January 28, 2019 Many outdoorsmen know the benefits of having man’s best friend as a hunting partner. The Lagotto or Romagna Water Dog is believed to be an ancestor of the water dogs, and here, we see it as a smaller version of the Water Spaniel. See more ideas about Dogs, Hunting dogs, Dog shedding. It would be hard to discredit the Labrador Retriever as the top hunting breed of all time. Skin problems can and do arise from over lotioning and over bathing. Check Price on Amazon.com. Nutrient-dense recipe made with premium-quality beef, pork and fish meals, Fortified with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein and amino acids. Peruvian Inca Orchid: Also called the Peruvian Hairless Dog and Moonflowers, this dog can easily be confused with the Xoloitzcuintli. Also features a proprietary “blunt stimulation”. It is said they have a puppy attitude that stays with them into old age. The coat is like human and poodle hair in that it continues to grow while shedding very little, just a few hairs daily if properly groomed. Shih Tzu's are covered with a long haired outer coat and a woolly undercoat. The Giant Schnauzer needs to be clipped four times a year. The Bichon Frise if a "puffball" that makes a good watch dog and loves attention. The Story of the Plott Hound: Strike & Stay. Chinese Crested (hairless): This breed is generally affectionate, energetic, playful, and cuddly. 2. In fact, a properly trained pup can help you pile up more shed antlers than ever before. 4. Very prone to training, very “talkative”, and very loyal, these non shedding dog breeds are prime “best friend” material. In general, the most common hunting dogs are scent hounds or gun dogs. Shed hunting is a great way to put on some miles, keep both you and your dog in shape during the off-season and hopefully beat the winter doldrums while you wait for spring. Golden Retrievers are great shed hunting dogs. Their appetite for the hunt is voracious, and they make fantastic companions for hunting ducks, geese, and upland game birds. The coat does grow more slowly than a poodle, but should be clipped every two months. This breed requires a daily grooming with a bristle brush. They’re extremely versatile dogs that can be trained to retrieve waterfowl and flush pheasants while also serving as the family pet. TOPEKA, Kan. — Shed hunting is a popular pastime for many outdoors enthusiasts, and an assist from man’s best friend can help take that pastime to the next level. Springer Spaniels have a certain aesthetic beauty, too, with lots of feathering on their legs and tail and long fluffy ears. Some dogs are God gifted in terms of smell power. Do not brush this breed as it can make the coat fuzzy looking. South Side Of Ridges. South sides of ridges get the most sunlight. If you have ever owned or been around a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever, you will be pleasantly surprised by the decrease in shedding. The dog owners with bird dogs also known as duck dogs know this concept of shed hunting as it is all about using dogs for hunting antlers. They rarely bark unnecessarily. Hopefully one of these breeds can work for you and your family. It has skin that is soft and pliable that must be protected from the sun and cared for appropriately. E-collars have applications in all forms of canine assisted hunting including hound dogs, shed hunting dogs, bird dogs, and retrievers as well as non-hunting owners that are looking for a different way to maintain control of their dogs. Springer Spaniels are extremely versatile, highly trainable gun dogs that also make excellent shed dogs. English Setters are considered highly intelligent, but more importantly, they’re known as being very easy to train. Recent trends, though, have added a new twist as many have realized that “man’s best friend” can assist them in the deer woods, too. Studies have found this breed to be the best for people with dog allergies. 2. The coat is wiry and easy to look after. Have you ever met a Lab that didn’t want to retrieve a ball no matter how many times you threw it? 3. These dogs love the water, and they’ll be happy to leap from the boat to retrieve birds for you, or chase game. Retrievers (e.g., Labradors, goldens, Chesapeake Bay’s, etc. These dogs prefer the night to the day and they do not like to be left alone. This list of common breeds used in shed hunting is by no means comprehensive. All I can say is WOW!! Sep 6, 2017 - Explore Katlyn's board "Dogs- Shed Dog", followed by 932 people on Pinterest. The only difference is that there may or may not be an actual shed antler nearby for the dog to find. With help of the clicker, you can teach your dog new behaviors with positive reinforcement. 14. Naturally Shed – Free of preservatives, chemicals, additives, this long lasting chew will keep your pet occupied for hours. However, if you’re looking strictly for a shed hunting pal or family friend, look no further than these two breeds. At home, they’re a loving part of the family and their small size makes them fairly easy to take care of. Like English Setters, they’re prone to separation anxiety and don’t do well spending too much time alone. (As a proud owner of a male English Setter, I can attest to this.) If you’re looking for a guard dog, you’d be better off looking elsewhere, too. Moore's favorite breeds are Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Malinois (Belgium shepherds), English setters, beagles, German wirehaired pointers and bloodhounds. The most important part of choosing a shed dog is finding one that is highly trainable. As hunters, they’re efficient on birds and their sense of smell consistently places them in the top ten for dog breeds. Formulated with our scientifically advanced, proven VICTOR Core ingredients to promote healthy immune and digestive systems. While you could technically train almost any obedient dog to be a shed hunter, some breeds will just learn the ropes a lot faster. Genuine Deer Hide – The deer hide drag is a real piece of deer hide that allows you to lay down scent trails in your backyard, in the woods, or wherever you train. He has hunted and fly fished all over North America, and God willing, will continue to do so for many years to come. For those of you passionate about shed hunting and dogs, this is your website. The breed has hair that is either wavy or curly; with many have both wavy and curly hair on their bodies. They require constant work, but once they catch on, they won’t forget it. Two of the best breeds for shed hunting aren’t necessarily known as hunting dogs – the German Shepherd and the Bloodhound. Picking up sheds on your own is fun, but adding a dog to the mix makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable. Instead you should comb the coat daily with a medium-toothed comb to keep tangles at bay. Each of the breeds listed are considered to be a hypoallergenic breed. 12. If Labrador Retrievers are number one, there should be little doubt that Beagles are number two. 9. Shed Hunting Tips From Some of the Nation’s Best Shed Hunters. All you have to do is introduce the dog to what an antler smells like and you are in the clear. They have the ability to excel at almost any task. Schnauzer: This includes the standard, miniature, and giant Schnauzers. This breed is very easy to groom and care for. The Hairless Chinese Crested is a very clean dog, with no odor. Springers often rank among the top breeds for both obedience and agility skills trials. I think she is officially a shed hunting dog for life! We will cover which e … Regardless of whether you’re looking to a buy a Labrador Retriever, Beagle, or any other breed, you should look for a specific set of traits such as game-finding ability, temperament, and a willingness to please. 5. Because of this trait they do not normally do well with small children that are unsteady on their feet. They aren't "yappy", and they are normally very playful and quick. If you live a sedentary or overly busy lifestyle, it can be hard to find time to give a Lab the exercise and attention it requires. Dog owners will argue as passionately about various breeds as they will politics and religion, and there’s no quicker way to start a fight than to insult a man’s dog or insist that yours is smarter. Having a dog is great until suddenly your clothes, furniture and floors are covered in hair. See more ideas about Hunting, Training your dog, Shed. Here you will find all the latest information on NASHDA events and shed dog training information, training products, events, as well as techniques on how to train your own shed dog. Kit includes real deer hide, Step-by-Step Training Manual – Written by renowned. What Type of Dog? The AHT will need to be protected from the sun and should be bathed one to three times a week. If you’re really serious about buying a shed dog, consult a breeder with a reputation for producing quality pups. All of these are reasons why traditional hunting dogs also make good shed dogs, because they already possess all of the traits that translate well into finding antlers. The Best Shed Hunting Dog Breeds. This breed of dog will normally have a "topknot" to keep the hair out of the eyes. Regardless of how many antlers you find, it’s an excuse to spend more time in the field with your dog—and that’s probably the best … This is a bundle of 2 items: Educator - UL-1200 and PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: The Wheaten is an alert, happy, strong, intelligent, and friendly dog. Bow Speed vs. Arrow Weight: Which is More Important. It also comes in two varieties, coated and hairless. Kerry Blue Terrier: Kerries are alert, playful and have a way of making people laugh. Like most canines, Labradors have a sense of smell roughly one million times greater than ours, but compared to other breeds, a Lab’s nose is often considered one of the ten best. They are generally good with children, especially if raised with them. When left in the house alone all day, or in a kennel by themselves, they can freak out. Irish Water Spaniel: This breed is active, intelligent, alert, and has the reputation of being a clown and a people-pleaser. What Is The Best Shed Hunting Dog in 2020. NATURAL and SAFE – Free of preservatives, chemicals, or additives, chewing antlers helps promote stronger, healthier teeth and gums in dogs of all ages. 15. Best Shed Hunting Dogs. And that, perhaps, is their biggest negative. This is meant to show you the possibilities of various breeds and get you thinking about what type of dog would best fit your lifestyle. 10 Best Hiking Dogs For Outdoor Adventure. (Bill Konway photo) That sparked a conversation with Dog Bone’s Jeremy Moore about the best dog breeds for shed hunters. 2 in 2020. Every breed has its positives and negatives. Grain Free for dogs with allergies or sensitivity to grain. Shed hunting has long been a popular spring pastime, but finding shed antlers isn’t exactly easy. Another negative is that they’re very vocal. Kerries needs to be combed and bathed once a week since the beard can get smelly and packed with food and dirt without proper grooming. Poodle: All of the varieties and cross breeds of poodle are excellent for allergy sufferers. Calm, steady dogs will have a better chance of success, and the above mentioned types of dogs are known for these skills. In general the Poodle is considered to be smart, watchful, highly energetic, and a people pleaser. These dogs can be great for a family with children with proper socialization. Your email address will not be published. Maltese: The Maltese is generally affectionate, seemingly fearless, energetic, and playful. Bedlington Terrier: Bedlingtons are loyal, energetic, headstrong, brave, and can be "high strung." They like to roughhouse and are considered a good and loving family dog. Jan 25, 2017 - Shed hunting is a fast growing and fun sport. For the hairless you will want to bathe and lotion once or twice and month (only as needed). If you’re single and work long hours, an English Setter should not be your first choice. Most of a Springer Spaniel’s negatives involve maintenance of its coat, otherwise it sheds tremendously. Your email address will not be published. Maybe hunting isn’t your thing but you still want to get away from the city and into the great outdoors with a loyal pooch by your side. That is not to say that your allergies won't act up with these breeds. A good breeder can help pair you with a dog with the proper genetic makeup that fits your standards, too. Hunters, farm owners, ranch owners, and families find themselves drawn to hunting dog breeds. A good dog can help with that. 10. 8. Check Price on Amazon.com. Glucosamine and Chondroitin promote long-term joint health. Both units have built in rechargeable batteries, lost transmitter beeper and remote controlled night light. 11. Heavy-Duty Drag Line – At 10’ long our drag line and specially designed drag clip attach to the deer hide so you can conduct live drags as a part of consistent training. In addition to being one of the best medium dog ... and some of them do shed. One positive that could also be considered a negative is the Beagle’s stubbornness. They have a temperament that adapts well to indoor life as long as they get at least some daily exercise, and they’re very good with children. This breed is generally affectionate with family, calm, intelligent and very fast. The North American Shed Hunting Dog Association's (NASHDA) World Championships ... dog to hunt sheds, visit his website and get some great information. Nelli has traveled to other states shed hunting. The American Water Spaniel is a great all-around hunting dog. And yes – you can forget about the shedding. This coat, which sheds very little, needs regular grooming. They like to bark generally and can run very fast. BESTSELLER NO. North Idaho Antler Dogs updated 12/28/2020 “Shed Antler Hunting Trainees” I take pride in offering some of the finest shed antler hunting dogs around. The breed generally likes to be around his family and is a good watchdog that will not attack without provocation. Custom, Handcrafted Treats – Selected by hand, these deer antlers are washed, cut, trimmed, and sanded to ensure they’re safe for pets and their dental health. They’re very sensitive animals, too, and don’t respond well to heavy-handed training methods. It is better to not exfoliate the skin as this can make the skin for susceptible to injury. This can be done by staying in a closed in space (such as a car) for an extended period of time to see if your allergies are affected. The best shed hunting sub-breeds have been listed below for your ready reference: BESTSELLER NO. Dropped antlers can get buried in leaves and debris and be hard to spot in thick cover. American Hairless Terrier: This dog will often be mistaken for a hairless Chihuahua. German Shepherds and Bloodhounds are quintessential trackers, which means they don’t necessarily make great hunting dogs. The long, soft coat should be GENTLY combed and brushed daily.

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