Cheten Chauhan
Richard Tavener
Michelle Tavener


  • Cheten Chauhan
  • Cheten Chauhan

    Cheten Chauhan  - Director Close

    B.A.Hons Arch. (Leicester)
    Dip.Arch. Dip.D.P (Oxford Brookes)
    Dip Arch Prac (Leicester) RIBA


    Cheten is driven by the delivery of high quality architecture.  An enthusiasm motivated by the integration of user groups and key influencers within all scale of architecture from conception.  An adaptable approach to design and style helps to realise the client’s requirements with an architectural form which brings merit to its neighbouring context.
  • Richard Tavener
  • Richard Tavener

    Richard Tavener  - Director Close

    B.A. Hons Arch. (Oxford)
    Dip.Arch Dip. Urban Design (Oxford Brookes)

    Richard is passionate about design, architecture, business and education and a key figure representing the Construction Industry Council and Constructing Excellence in the East of England and Past Chairman of RIBA East.

    RDT recognise the need for education in the construction industry and support this through their design workshops and work experience models.
  • Michelle Tavener
  • Michelle Tavener

    Michelle Tavener  - Director Close

    As Director of Finance and HR, Michelle is responsible for the effective management of the practice including reporting, budgets, forecasting, cash management, sales analysis, project tracking, fee and debtor management together with HR resourcing, office policy, office health & safety and employment compliance to legislation.

RDT have a wealth of experience in architectural design and planning and extensive professional qualifications.  Our Directors are supported by a dynamic team of architects, technicians and training professionals who deliver a broad spectrum of architectural services.